Friday, 21 December 2012

Season's Greetings

Best wishes for the coming year

Friday, 14 December 2012

Oh the Irony... SEO

Someone called this morning to tell me that search results for our web site were not good (we know this). She continued to say that what we needed was some SEO then launched into an explanation of the benefits of SEO.

In the original post on this blog, in 2010, I mentioned that our website had been in need of redevelopment for four years (make that six now!). This is particularly embarrassing because we develop websites for clients and have started work on a new website design more than once, in fact, whenever there's a dull moment - but there's always another client requirement to fulfil. Obviously, I'm not complaining about that!

Our main source of revenue is SEO! So, yes, I actually know what it means and why it's important but there are two reasons it's not currently applied to our website: our website needs a total revamp and most of our business is by referral.

Surely, if the caller had bothered to look at our website, she would at least have had a clue that we know a bit about about SEO? Well, actually, no... the site was created around 2002 and last revamped (cough) more than seven years ago when terminology was different - we used words such as 'optimisation' and 'e-marketing'.

So, ironically, as the cobbler's children needed shoes, the design and marketing company needs to put its website in order. The one thing we don't need is a caller from an unknown agency who won't stop talking long enough for a polite refusal. I had to talk over her to say goodbye as I hung up.

(Note to self: New Year's Resolution - website revamp!)