Friday, 23 August 2013

Twitter. Why do you want more followers?

A tweet appeared on my timeline recently "I need more followers" and I wondered why. I guess that tweeting away if nobody is reading is akin to talking to oneself but surely the followers will follow if there is a reason to do so.

So, why do you need or want more followers? Perhaps the ones you have don't interact - do you interact with them?

To find tweeters with some common ground, search for your local town or the football club you support, look at their profiles or follow them for a while (you can always un-follow - and don't worry if you lose some followers along the way).

Why do you need more followers? For business marketing purposes, this is understandable - it's a measure of the popularity of your brand and an opportunity to market to a wider audience. It's also an opportunity to interact with your customers and potential customers or provide them with a service. You may be interested in How to Increase Your Twitter Followers.

Some people are obsessed with increasing their number of followers on a personal level. In order to do this, many who are not wittily original or otherwise interesting (or famous) often use the strategy of following as many people as possible in the hope that they will be followed back. What's the point? These are value-less followers because people who are following numerous accounts are clearly not interested in reading all the tweets.

Of course, the canny ones who follow thousands will create a list or lists of tweeters that they are really interested in so that they can easily be read, and the other tweets ignored.

Whenever someone follows my twitter account, I do them the courtesy of checking them out and deciding whether I want to follow them back. Usually, if I find their tweets interesting, informative, relative, I'll follow back but I will un-follow if they tweet too many times a day or just keep plugging the same thing: boring! There are several people who followed me then stopped following me, reasons unknown, but it doesn't matter - in the same way that not everyone I meet becomes a friend.

I like to feel some connection with people I follow and therefore my main disappointment is that I don't get much interaction. For example, if I'm interesting enough to follow, why not respond or retweet?

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